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SPINE is Pakistan’s premier institute, specializing in Air Lines Studies. Set up with the aim to produce future leaders of the Air Line industry, with a global outlook and practical industry experience. SPINE is renowned for its friendly atmosphere. Places on each course are restricted to ensure individual attention and tuition.

Travel, tourism and hospitality are some of the world’s largest industries. It has been estimated by the World Tourism Organization that around one job in ten now depends on this fast growing sector. These travelers expect…


Classes at 41-Chenab Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore are currently discontinued due to shifting of the campus.

Update about our new campus will be furnished here soon.


A Message by the Director

The human race and its civilization are stepping in new era to see the growth, knowledge and its flow anxiously. The twentieth century has made enormous progress in the field of education, science and technology.  I take great pleasure in welcoming you all to SPINE-an Air Line studies Institute driving towards excellence due to the sincerity, commitment and hard work of each of its family members. Had it not been for the constant support and untiring efforts of my team, I would not have been able to fulfill my dream of running an educational institution successfully…

Our Mission

We believe that every student is capable of reaching great academic heights if parents and teachers provide him/her with the opportunity, confidence and right guidance. Teachers, however play the dominant role in helping students reach the pinnacle of knowledge and preparing them for the competition that lies ahead in life. This is why SPINE takes great pride to undertake every possible effort to bring about improvements in all aspects. We believe that the secret of quality education extends beyond the field of academics; it involves developing a host of personality traits that make a complete, responsible citizen. We, therefore offer a variety of extracurricular activities that help groom our individuals and make them emerge with well rounded personalities.

"The best part of my experience at SPINE is the professional guidance up to my satisfaction and a feel of natural learning. That gave me enough confidence for my career ahead. SPINE is GREAT!"


41-Chenab Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore-54570, Pakistan.