CEO’s Message

Director-SPINEThe human race and its civilization are stepping in new era to see the growth, knowledge and its flow anxiously. The twentieth century has made enormous progress in the field of education, science and technology.  I take great pleasure in welcoming you all to SPINE – an Airline studies Institute driving towards excellence due to the sincerity, commitment and hard work of each of its family members. Had it not been for the constant support and untiring efforts of my team, I would not have been able to fulfill my dream of running an educational institution successfully.

SPINE is special in that it evolved with a vision that goes beyond academic achievement. Our aim is to educate and not just teach, to make students actualize their true potential in practical life and not just focus on learning outcomes in class. The stimulating and enriching educational experience at SPINE is just one step in preparing the youth of today for the challenges of tomorrow. Individual attention and personalized communication are binding elements in the SPINE community, where teachers not only impart knowledge but inculcate in students values and ethics integral to becoming responsible citizens.

We have not only maintained the progress, rather we shall be required to excel. Therefore the educational institutions, the scheme of studies and instructors have to prepare themselves to measure up to the hope and inspiration of the new generation, so we have started new journey to meet the challenge of the day by establishing an institution of higher learning in the name of SPINE Airline Studies Institute studies by launching multiple programs of modern technology of Travel, Tourism, Hotel Management and many other Professional courses.

My commitment in the same matrix would ever prevail without any compromising change. Your trust on us our pledge to you is the asset of SPINE. Learning is all about inspiration, dedication imagination, choice and commitment. Based on these values, at SPINE, we make learning and enjoyable experience. I hope that this profile conveys the sense of purpose and commitment of the staff at SPINE.

May ALLAH bless us all.  (Ameen)

Mr. Arshed Mehmood
Cell: 0321-4070 777