Success Stories

Victory is not the property of “Brilliants”. It is the crown for those who “Bow” themselves in front of ALLAH and Hard work.

Sanam Bashir

Registration: SIPS/TAM/058

Serving as Air Hostess in PIA

Moqadas Ghafoor

Registration: SIPS/DAH/053

Serving as Air Hostess

Haris Bin Khalid

Registration: SIPS/TAM/046

Getting higher studies at London

Irshad Shaheen

Registration: SIPS/DAH/044

Serving as a Guest Relations Officer in hotel industry

Asma Ijaz

Registration: SIPS/TAM/178

Doing her own Travel & Tours Business

Sadiq Sabir

Registration: SIPS/TAM/054

Doing his own business

Shabana Hameed Gull

Registration: SIPS/TAM/049

Serving as Air Hostess in PIA

Jawad Qamar

Registration: SIPS/DAT/006

Doing his own Business of Travel & Tours in London.

Andleeb Mubeen

Registration: SIPS/DAH/039

Serving as Air Hostess in PIA

Ahmed Nawaz Mughal

Registration: SIPS/DAS&TAM/016

Doing job

Adnan Hanif

Registration: SIPS/DAS&TAM/011

Doing job at Abu Dhabi

Sana Shahzadi

Registration: SIPS/DAH/176

Serving as Air hostess in Shaheen Air International

Shabana Hameed

Registration: SIPS/DAH/147

Working as Air Hostess in PIA